Olive oil
One onion, chopped
At least three cloves of garlic, chopped
28 oz can of fire roasted crushed tomatoes
red wine
Italian seasoning

Heat the olive oil. Fry the onion for a few minutes until it turns translucent. If you like it caramelized, you can fry it until it starts to brown at the edges. Add the garlic and fry for another minute. Add the tomatoes and simmer, stirring occasionally. When it’s starting to cook down a little, add 14 oz of red wine, using the tomato can to measure it – half the tomato can of red wine. Stir occasionally. Add salt and Italian seasonings to taste. Simmer it until it’s the consistency you want.


I like sweet vidalia onions, but whatever onion you have is fine.

Three cloves of garlic is a minimum, add more to taste or repel vampires as needed.

I like the muir glen fire roasted crushed tomatoes, but whatever equivalent amount of tomatoes you want will work no problem.

I think a cabernet sauvignon pairs really well with these tomatoes, but a merlot or shiraz is going to do just fine too. Don’t use a wine you wouldn’t drink, a good wine is vital for cooking because the flavor gets even stronger.

This is a very versatile sauce, and you can add all kinds of things if you want. Here are my suggestions:

Fresh basil
Bell peppers
Carrots if you want to add a little sweetness
Cayenne or other hot peppers if you want spicy, sriracha will work fine for this too
Veggie burger crumbles
Pretty much anything that will go with red sauce

I’ve never made this with meat but I’m sure that would work fine.

Use the sauce for pasta, dipping, or cook down more and mix with some tomato paste for pizza sauce.

This will freeze fine in ziplocs or wide-mouth jars.


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